24 May 2011

Customer service skills: what kind of animal are YOU?

customer service skills

Customer service skills

Irrespective of our actual customer service skills, many of us have an opinion about how customer service should be and what to do in order to deliver good customer service. However intuitive this may be, one should take a step back and see what we can learn from our recent experience. One of the best learning point is to reflect on how we individually behaved when someone complained about our own level of service. What were our customer service attributes? Did we become defensive? Scared? Opinionated? Aggressive? Rude? Cheeky? Suddenly the customer was not right any more, was he? Wouldn't it be worth writing down our own customer service skills set and reading it again before complaining about others?

Update - March 2013

We have put together a list of what we believe are the essential customer service skills. As always, we are very happy to take your suggestions on new skills which you believe should be added to your page. http://blog.verygoodservice.com/customer-service-skills/


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