22 February 2015

All employee contributions make a real difference to customer service

Every single employee customer service contribution matters

In the field of customer service, most expectations are placed on those employees answering the phone or replying to messages via social media or email. Unfortunately, when customers reach out to them, it is often too late in the process, something has not gone according to plan. Whilst we do not dispute the valuable role that dedicated customer service executives have to play in ultimate customer satiffaction, companies must take a much more holistic view and involve everyone in the company to contribute to the delivery of a great customer experience. Every single contribution made by employees matters to customers: product design, manufacturing, packaging, delivery and even efforts made by the finance teams to keep costs under control. When all these contributions are pulled together, one can really achieve a dramatic result, resulting in a fantastic level of customer service.


  1. Yes, every single employees customer service contribution matters. The excellent service and the experience customers get from the agents measure customer satisfaction.

  2. yes, absolutely this is truth. employees always matter in a company's growth whether it is a small or big..

    when a every single employee give their 100% in office, the service of company is going to increase and the customer will be impressed to our service, which will automatically convert in the growth of a business or company..


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