28 October 2014

Customer service attitude

customer service attitude

Customer service attitude

Encouraging customers to have the right attitude was probably the aim of the owner of this Spanish restaurant when he placed this board at the entrance of his restaurant. Very valid it is, because customers with an open minded, a friendly outlook and positive attitude tend to obtain the best level of customer service as they are able to connect with the staff looking after them. 

The tables could easily be turned though and applied to the staff working in this restaurant. Many of these "recommendations" could equally be suggested to any customer service team even if their employers might be slightly concerned by some of the assertions such as "work less" and "play more"...

Notwithstanding these limitations, this board illustrate perfectly that good customer service is about team work between customers and people looking after them. The right attitude by both parties will help increase the level of customer satisfaction dramatically and actually result in less work and more play time, unless employers wish to convert this new found harmony into productivity gains.

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  1. A positive customer service attitude is the heartbeat of exceptional experiences. It's more than a skill; it's a mindset that transforms interactions. A team's genuine commitment to understanding, assisting, and exceeding expectations creates an environment where customers feel valued. This attitude is the cornerstone of building lasting relationships and fostering customer loyalty.