11 May 2015

Fishing for customers or delivering a great customer service?

Fishing for customers or delivering a good customer service?

Most of us already know the answer. Trying to catch new customers:

- is time consuming and sometimes requires extreme patience, 
- can be lonely and frustrating if you are on the road knocking on doors, 
- is not always rewarding as you often come home empty handed,
- does not necessarily bring success as you can catch the wrong type of customer,
- requires innovation as the competition comes trawling over your patch,
- often necessitate expensive baits such as promotion and discounts...

and the list goes on... So much that one wonders why there are still so many enthusiasts?

Most of us already know the alternative, provide an excellent customer service. Customers will come back, buy more, tell their friends, give you ideas for new products, do your marketing and negotiate your prices a little less. Maybe the time has come to do a little less fishing and a little more servicing.


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