28 November 2011

Preparation for customer service

customer service preparation
Preparation for customer service: for many companies, the next client is only a number, a customer record who happened to place an order for product xyz at a given time during the day.

19 November 2011

Vultures are circling

vultures are circling
Achieving the best customer service levels and maintaining them is not a simple task. There are numerous metrics available, one of them being to measure customer satisfaction.

02 November 2011

Reach out to customers

reach out to customers
7 miles bridge - Florida Keys
Do you do enough to reach out to your customers? Even when you have that horrible feeling that you are too far apart to resolve a customer service issue, you have to make an effort and build those bridges to reach out to your customers. The rewards can be long lasting even if the initial investment may seem unreasonable
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