22 October 2012

Customer service: cutting it short?

cutting it short

Customer service: Are you Cutting it short?

In the field of customer service, the most important factor can be the unwritten contract with the customer. It is not so much about what is included in the small print to protect the interests of the company but more about the set of expectations and promises which have been sold to the customer. When it comes to crunch time, delivery to the customer must take into account the perceived value that has been portrayed and fulfil the company's share of the bargain accordingly. If there are ny discrepancies, customers will feel that they have been cut short and the overall customer service reputation of the company will deteriorate rapidly.

11 October 2012

Customer service bubble

customer service bubble

Customer service bubble - what is happening under the surface?

We have all witnessed unusual situations or even created experiences of our own where miraculously some bubbles appear and, we watch, puzzled, wondering what is happening under the surface. In the case of customer service, watching the situation develop is not good enough. As soon as a tell-tale sign is visible, in depth investigation must commence to understand what might be the root cause and could potentially lead your customer service resources to be wasted.

02 October 2012

Is your customer service at the heart of a virtuous circle?

customer service virtuous circle

Customer service virtuous circle

The growth of social media and viral propagation remind us everyday of the positives of a virtuous circle. Customer satisfaction is a natural source of endorsements, which in turn create further purchases, and increase customer loyalty whilst reducing the risk of post purchase dissonance. On the contrary below par customer service could be at the origin of a vicious circle where the company's reputation and future profits are at risk. So which curve is your customer service following? Beware, it might not be easy to determine at first sight...