20 December 2010

Customer service: relationship management

customer relationship management

Customer service relationship 

For better or for worse... Customer relationship management is all about working together, not imposing what suits one party or the other. Irrespective of the initial engagement, companies which can demonstrate flexibility, and wish for the relationship to succeed, will stimulate their customers to adopt the same behaviour. And, long after the wedding day all will live in harmony in the long term....
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19 December 2010

Customer service examples

Customer service examples: Here are a few quotes by @Thoughtbuddy giving us his take on good customer service:

"For me, an example of @ is when the shop assistant walks around from behind the counter/till to hand over your purchase(s)."

"Also think it's @ when assistant refers to you by name using details on your payment / loyalty card."

"It's better to take the customer to where the product they're after is on the shelf/rail rather than just give directions."

"A basic: staff engaging in friendly banter with the customer rather than talking to their colleagues/pals."

Thank you Simon

Customer service: giving up is not an option

Customer service options

Customer service options

In a harsh climate, companies' leadership teams may decide that investment in customer service is a low priority. Whilst the motivation is easy to understand and often driven by cost management measures, it is not sustainable. After all, when the winter is over, clients will remember where their bad customer experience and this will clearly influence their decision for future purchases. So even when it is tough out there, good customer service remains a critical tool to outshine the competition.