23 October 2017

Good customer service will help grow customer trust

Good customer service will help grow customer trust

Grow customer trust
Gaining customer trust, confidence and loyalty is the aim of many companies hoping for repeat purchases and growing customer lifetime value. However, with the development of technology, comparator websites, review sites and pinpoint accuracy marketing techniques, your customers are constantly solicited by the competition enticing them with special offers and the like to try their products and services.

In previous posts, we have defined customer service as: 

"Interactions with customers during and after the sale of a product or service in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction".   Read more about our customer service definition.

And here it is, customer satisfaction, measured against a range of metrics, is what will allow customer trust to grow over time. Any opportunity to interact with the customers, if well handled, is an extra sprinkle of water, a dose of organic fertilizer which will ensure the sound development of a strong customer relationship.