22 October 2009

Good customer service delivery: changes afoot

good customer service delivery

Customer service delivery

With the growth of internet shopping being experienced at the moment, ways of delivering customer service are evolving rapidly. The number of parcels being shipped is increasing exponentially and customers are having to adapt and make different choices for their delivery. A little while ago the main issue was whether the internet based virtual shop was trustworthy. Nowadays the main concern is to choose which organisation can be relied upon to deliver the goods on time. Is delivery becoming a key buying criteria to the extent that good customer service will become known as good service delivery?

20 October 2009

Good customer service qualities should include a sense of anticipation

customer service qualities
Good customer service qualities are all about knowing what the customers want and anticipate their needs before they even show up. This will ensure their well-being and a high level of customer satisfaction.
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18 October 2009

Good customer service: a lifeline to retain customers?

customer service retain customersIs good customer service a lifeline to retain customers?

Many companies know how to deploy fully fledged customer service but will not because of economic imperatives. A two tier system is often created whereby customers are only offered a good level of service if they threaten to chose another supplier, a clear case of emergency . Customer service executives with the full range of skills are allocated to the retention effort ("we are going to lose this customer unless we do something...") and become the lifeline to retain valuable customers. Does this make sense? If the service was better in the first place, customer retention would not be an issue.

04 October 2009

Good customer service skills are increasingly in demand

Good customer service skills 

A difficult environment makes attracting a new customer more challenging than ever. Existing customers will only return if they have been offered impeccable service or rock bottom prices. Continuous investment in training to improve customer service is required to ensure that the valuable shoppers will not hesitate to come in and start to look around for alternatives.
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