27 February 2011

Online customer service : make sure it is not frosty

online customer service

Online customer service

The development of online customer service delivery has made it more difficult to establish warm relationships with customers. A new challenge facing customer service training is to ensure that despite the lack of direct human contact, customer service representatives are able to engage with customers, develop a personal contact and above all that the relationships do not become frosty, especially on social media channels where it is witnessed by millions.

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21 February 2011

Top customer service

top customer service

top customer service

There is simply no alternative. In terms of customer service, companies should always aim for the top. But, very importantly, always chose the easiest route and make sure that you do not take risks that could endanger the whole enterprise. Ultimately, a puff of smoke might even signal total customer satisfaction...

10 February 2011

Customer service should not be an uphill struggle

customer service struggle

customer service struggle

Delivering customer service should not be an uphill struggle. With the right customer service attributes, a pinch of training, a good dose of determination and above all a sense of achievement when reaching the ultimate goal, customer service becomes a pleasant experience. The result will be a much better panorama from the summit: high level of customer satisfaction and many happy employees.

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05 February 2011

Customer service: avoid cheesy lines

customer service cheesy lines
In customer service, even when  you work in a restaurant, hospitality or the food industry, cheesy lines are best avoided. Irrespective of your own customer service definition, this simple notion should be included in all customer service training programmes

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