20 September 2011

Does your customer service run like clockwork?

customer service run like clockwork
Does your customer service run like clockwork? It needs to be reliable, accurate, adapt to various conditions, from cold showers to intense heat, and above all give the answer that the customer is looking for. But here comes the challenge: it has to be delivered in a personal manner, it can not be mechanical but can look good. In the way a watch can become a piece of jewellery, if you manage to bring all the pieces together, not only will you have delivered a service fit for purpose but also a superior customer experience

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13 September 2011

Are your customer relations as sweet as vinegar?

customer service relations
Customer service relations

The world of fine food has evolved dramatically over the past few years and preconceived ideas have been challenged by the introduction of new products such as sweet vinegars for example. In many companies customer service has long been a synonym of complaints and sour client relations. As a result it has attracted a lot of bad press. With the concerted effort of all concerned in enterprises the customer service department could instead become the sweet spot, the place where clients loyalty is built and reinforced at any opportunity. In order to improve their standing, do make sure that your customer service executives introduce that little drop of sweetness in all their dealings with clients.

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08 September 2011

Customer service tips

Customer service tips

customer service tips
Treat your customers the way you would like to be treated;
Integrate your customer service with your marketing effort, making it a value-added activity;
Pull your weight as good customer service requires dedication and,
Stand out to make sure your efforts are noticed

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to be continued...

More customer service tips

 Having put together our top five customer service tips a little while ago, we though it would be worthwhile adding to the original list. At the moment, the only certainty is that there are plenty of them. Whilst we build a list, please do leave us a comment below to suggest some tips to be added to the list. Thank you

There are many resources on the internet providing lists of steps to go through if you (and your employees) want to provide a great service to your customers:
We will suggest some further reading to do if you are interested in the topic. To quick start the list here are a few suggestions:
-  Tips for empowering customer service employees

06 September 2011

Customer service employees: have they come out of their shell?

customer service employees

Customer service employees

As your customer service employees return from their summer holidays, do make sure that the benefits of a relaxing time on the beach is being felt by your clients. Is the outlook of your customer service employees changing? Have they come out of their shell? They should be given more of a free rein to resolve customers issues and problems before they fall back into their well-worn customer service old habits. Whilst procedures and discipline should not be overlooked, an empowered customer service workforce is very likely to be more enthusiastic and able to deploy its skills more effectively.

01 September 2011

Customer service email

customer service email

How to handle customer service email?

With regards to customer service email there is just one simple piece of advice: do answer the emails from your clients and don't let them sit in your computer's inbox for too long. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than waiting for an answer which never comes - and by the way, make sure you  reply to your [potential] suppliers too, making it one your top customer service qualities