10 October 2011

Offer good customer service to your suppliers

customer service supplier
In order to find a supplier, retain it and obtain a good performance, wouldn't it be appropriate to offer them your best customer service?
In most instances the underlying principle is that the customer is always right but this can cost your company dear. If your supplier fails to deliver the right products or services, your supply chain is broken and your own customers will pay the consequences, thereby affecting your reputation. In those situations, are you sure that you did not have a part to play in it? Was your order complete? Did your read the small print? Were your specs accurate? Did you change your mind? Did you pay in time? All these elements can easily disrupt the service you and your customers ultimately receive. There are many benefits in having loyal suppliers and sharing your success with them so next time you pass an order, make sure you offer them a good service too.

Picture courtesy of PeterStephens Photography and with approval from  http://devoniain.blogspot.com/ with our thanks


  1. Flaws in supply chain is inevitable. Certainly this will affect the reputation of the company and will increase the possibility of lossing customers, However there are strategies that can minimize or let us say prevent the major problem. On company's end; Early planning can help by doing a forecast, possible numbers of customers, what product is the most popular according to the season; Increase the stocks more than forecasted numbers. Also Company should Accept accountability. Companies should plan sufficiently in order to request orders from suppliers with acceptable lead time and without multiple changes. By this, relationship between the supplier and the company will be much more stronger.

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