16 January 2012

Customer service innovation

customer service innovation

Customer service innovation 

Innovation in customer service has become increasingly valuable as a way to differentiate from the competition and avoid an all-out price war. But, which is the best way to innovate? The challenge for companies is to determine to what extent the service innovations should be radical and if they are not a rehashed copy of what someone has done before, are they achievable? To succeed management needs to be daring yet make sure that every element has been perfectly assessed and calculated so that the newly built process stays in place for many years to come and delivers the best results. Are you brave enough to have a go?

Recent examples of customer service innovation:

- publish in real time the expected response time of customer service agents on Twitter (innovation by KLM - 2013)
- delivery of products with 30 minutes of order using un-manned flying drones (innovation by Amazon - pilot 2013)
- enabling shoppers to see a season catwalk show through live streaming and to order personalised versions of clothes and handbags within minutes of seeing them (innovation by Burberry - 2013)


  1. Customer service innovation is an excellent way of satisfying your customer’s needs and meeting their expectations through systematic methods and application of new technology. Since the needs of customers change from time to time, businesses should make strategies that can help meet the changing needs of these consumers. The best way to make your business flourish is to know the changing demands of your consumers and satisfy them respectively.

    Sonia Roody

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