02 January 2013

A fresh approach to customer service

New customer service approach

New Customer service approach

At the beginning of a new year, many businesses are starting to implement their new strategies and look at fresh ideas. All the budgets have been reset, the new marketing campaigns are ready to be rolled out. New investments in products, overseas expansion, new factories, the company has covered all angles. Customer service should not be left out though! Have you taken the time to review what worked well? In which areas of your business have you received excellent endorsements from your customers? Which teams have demonstrated that their innovations and initiatives have delivered a good customer experience?
A simple fresh approach could be adopted; simply focus on the positives, nurture them, grow them and roll them out, thereby generating fresh enthusiasm and a positive outlook for all your customer service employees. Their improved morale will put a new spring in their steps and ultimately your customers will reap the benefits of this new approach.


  1. Just like anything else, it's worth investigating what your company got "right" and what it got "wrong" when it came to customer service. What are some times your company excelled and what are other times you dropped the ball? What are the differences between those two scenarios?

  2. I know just the kind of thing you're talking about - new eras require new solutions, and it's the same with customer service. I've come across a website called http://hellopeter.com/. They provide a gateway between Consumer and Supplier, allowing consumers to write reports about their Suppliers...and then Suppliers have an opportunity to respond.

  3. Since everything is newly rolled out. Its time to wind the clock back a year, See where the customer service or the company's service itself excelled or dropped and focus on the things where the company's service is suffering. Review customer's concerns and make sure to Listen to your customers. They are the one can see each opportunities of the company that need improvements. Work on it and make sure to be helpful; even if there's no immediate profit in it. For this will help increase the reputation of the company that soon will attract more customers.


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