03 September 2013

Customer service: could your reputation go up in smoke?

customer service smoke signal

Customer service reputation

One critical aspect of good customer service management is to be well aware of all the smoke signals sent by customer though all available channels including social media. If they are carefully monitored, captured and acted upon they can help create a positive feedback loop initiated by customers for the long term benefit of the company. A thorough handling of complaints for example is an easy to achieve step which could led you a long way towards achieving great results. On the other hand, if a company ignores them or thinks that all the customer feedback is unfair or inaccurate, it runs the risk of seeing a gradual deterioration of its trade and see its reputation go up in smoke.


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    Customer service reputation is very important. It can't be achieved overnight. One must develop skills in order to build a reputation. Professionalism can win contracts and communication skills add to the package. One should maintain a positive reputation online. Companies should build their reputation on all social networking sites. When all opinions on them are positive it can present them new opportunities to build through influence marketing.Monitor evaluations, feedback's and adapt to it. To ensure that there will be no negative response online. Positive reputation is not only controlling the impacts of the comments about your business but ensuring their appropriate response.

  2. I wish more employers and businesses owners would put customer service responses at the forefront of their customer outreach programs. Too many times companies seem to see customer service as a reactive response as opposed to a proactive one! Before I stumbled onto this post, I found another blog that examined the customer service experience at Jack Astors and it coincidently falls in line with everything you said that businesses need to do! You can check it out here, http://goo.gl/6WbmzA if you or anyone else is interested. But at the end of the day, if the business owner does not keep customer service at the forefront of their business model, they will significantly decrease their revenue and potentially destroy their entire business!

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