29 January 2014

Go beyond omnichannel customer service

After a long period of decline, the use of the word 'omni' in English literature seems to be on the up. The same can be said in the field of customer service where omnichannel has become the buzz word, with the intention to offer a seamless service across an organisation. But why restrict yourself to omnichannel. Ideally, organisation need to adopt an omnicorporeal approach to customer service, ensuring that an omnifarious desire to satisfy customers is omnipresent. This is only achievable if companies employ omnicompetent staff able to solve omnigenous queries. Once the basics are in place, management can omnify the philosophy throughout its operations which should ensure that customers are provided with an omnibus service. Finally gathering of the customer service omniana will be critical to the feedback loop and the more forward looking organisations might consider employing omnivore staff who have the appetite for handling the most complex situations.

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