19 May 2014

Customer service teamwork

Customer service teamwork

The human factor plays a key role in the delivery of excellent customer service and everyone recognises that having a well motivated and trained customer service employee will make a massive difference when interacting with customers and racing against the competition. 

Companies should not ignore that they could make the boat go even faster with a stronger emphasis on teamwork. The management of customers handovers over time and over different channels could be improved so that the best customer service is offered and appears seamless even when dealing with different employees. 

Technology plays a big part in capturing all the information in one place but it is also critical that employees support each other actions without seeding the doubt in the customer mind that maybe the prior handling of their case was not deal with in the best way. Of course any wrongdoing must be put right but it is also critical that everyone pulls in the same direction and until the ultimate goal has been reached, unequivocal commitment from all is required.


  1. Staff that understand and believe in the brand they work for will always work harder to pull it in the right direction. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes very good point James, teamwork definitely helps for brand value as well

  3. For last few decades, this customer service becomes the brand of the company, we should pay attention to it when we want move our business.

  4. Teamwork always play an most important role in business. Better teamwork make your business successful in market.

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