07 June 2011

Customer service poem

customer service poem
Customer Service Poem

Be Versed in Good Service

For really top service beyond all compare,
You have to let customers know that you care,
Right from first contact, the seeds will be sown,
So take time to smile when you pick up the phone,

 Be professional, courteous, clear and concise,
When talking of colour, delivery and price,
Don't rush through your work, or do jobs on the cheap,
And don't make a promise you know you can't keep,

If a customer phones, and is feeling uptight,
Do all that you can to make every thing right,
Sympathise, listen, and let them explain,
You can turn things around, so they'll come back again,

Customer service is just like a poem,
If it's good you will smile, if it's bad you'll just groan.

©Jan Jacks Perfect Verse 2011 

In this new world, where AI is making its presence felt more and more, we asked Bard to have a go at writing a customer service poem. Here is one of the attempts made in June 2023. Please leave a comment stating which version you prefer, human or AI generated.

A Customer Service Poem

When I call for help, I want to hear a poem, Not just a list of things I'm not allowed to do. I want to feel like I'm talking to a poet, Not a robot that's programmed to say "no".

So please, when you answer my call, Be creative and be bold. Use your words to paint a picture, And make me feel like I'm not alone.

Tell me a story about your day, Or about the time you wrote a poem. Make me laugh, or make me cry, But whatever you do, don't make me feel like I'm just a number.

I'm a person, and I deserve to be treated with respect. So please, give me a customer service poem, And make my day.

I know that you're busy, And that you have a lot of calls to make. But please, take a moment to be poetic, And to give me a poem.

It doesn't have to be long, Or even very good. Just something that shows that you care, And that you're not just a machine.

So please, next time I call, Give me a customer service poem. It will make my day, And it might even make yours.

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  1. Yes, I strongly agree with you that AI is making its presence felt more and more, but AI can't replace the humans which is a fact and no one can denied it. just like Bard write a poem it have a complete different vibe than AI. Bard's poem have the rhythm in it, same like him their are many ghostwriting services provider whom AI can't replace, because AI is limited not human.