07 June 2011

Be versed in customer service

versed in customer service
Customer Service Poem

Be Versed in Good Service

For really top service beyond all compare,
You have to let customers know that you care,
Right from first contact, the seeds will be sown,
So take time to smile when you pick up the phone,

 Be professional, courteous, clear and concise,
When talking of colour, delivery and price,
Don't rush through your work, or do jobs on the cheap,
And don't make a promise you know you can't keep,

If a customer phones, and is feeling uptight,
Do all that you can to make every thing right,
Sympathise, listen, and let them explain,
You can turn things around, so they'll come back again,

Customer service is just like a poem,
If it's good you will smile, if it's bad you'll just groan.

©Jan Jacks Perfect Verse 2011 

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