24 August 2012

Customer service balance

customer service balance

Customer service balance

A successful customer service delivery is made of many building blocks. A solid policy, firmly grounded, constitutes the cornerstone of the strategy. But it is not enough: adding more elements and finding the right balance is a necessity in the long run. Balancing the policy with innovation, initiative, the right level of human touch, a positive culture and some degree of creativity will make it all stick together. It should resist the test of time and be strong enough to sustain external challenges but when the time comes, one must be ready for the fact that it could crumble and one should be ready to rebuild it in a way which is appropriate for the current business environment.

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  1. Very well said! Being in the sales and business industry is hard as employees all have to deal with different tasks and customers. Nothing is easy, and not everyone is easy to communicate with. Employees must be flexible and courageous enough to handle the incoming inquiries and cope with the client’s frustrations. No matter how hard the consequences are, they must remain professional to be able to perform and serve their customers properly and courteously.

    Ruby Chelmsford


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