02 October 2012

Is your customer service at the heart of a virtuous circle?

customer service virtuous circle

Customer service virtuous circle

The growth of social media and viral propagation remind us everyday of the positives of a virtuous circle. Customer satisfaction is a natural source of endorsements, which in turn create further purchases, and increase customer loyalty whilst reducing the risk of post purchase dissonance. On the contrary below par customer service could be at the origin of a vicious circle where the company's reputation and future profits are at risk. So which curve is your customer service following? Beware, it might not be easy to determine at first sight...


  1. This very interesting blog typically has a short question and a response about how you or your company handles their customer service. Worth a quick read. You may find a great question ask and discuss with your employees, leadership team, etc.

  2. Great blog. If you have a happy customer for sure they will be coming back to you. Customer service is the front liner in one business because they are the center of all communications to our customer. I'm working in customer service so I know that our team is working to hit the customer satisfaction in 100% that's why we are the number 1 and of course we got incentive on that since we work for it as a team. Thank you for sharing this blog, I like it.

  3. Gracias por todo, estoy muy contento de haber podido sobrevivir a mi salario recomendando este artículo. Y al poder viajar alrededor del mundo según mis sueños por 80 $ desde la web, me gustaría compartir mi éxito como el enlace al final.


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