22 October 2012

Customer service: cutting it short?

cutting it short

Customer service: Are you Cutting it short?

In the field of customer service, the most important factor can be the unwritten contract with the customer. It is not so much about what is included in the small print to protect the interests of the company but more about the set of expectations and promises which have been sold to the customer. When it comes to crunch time, delivery to the customer must take into account the perceived value that has been portrayed and fulfil the company's share of the bargain accordingly. If there are ny discrepancies, customers will feel that they have been cut short and the overall customer service reputation of the company will deteriorate rapidly.


  1. Brand managers and Customer Relationship Managers would also do well to be proactive, and think outside of the products and services offered to their customers and clients. Cust. Service can lead to routine, and THAT's when your clientele gets the "cut short" feeling.

    In case you're a business owner or Customer Service manager who has too much time on his/her hands, it's best to ask yourself: how can I deliver customer service better in my business?

    THis article says "know thyself," and it's the best advice I can give anyone (in or out of the biz!).

  2. Customer service department should act like a bridge between the customers and the company. Customer service department should hear out customer's concern and let the company know so innovators of that company can create services/products that satisfies customer's demands. If that doesn't happen, all the promises made by customer service reps will be nothing but just false promises.

  3. Customer service should be the front liner of the company, Customer service is very important because they are the line that connect to our customers. In one company we should protect the integrity or else the name of the company will be ruin and it will come that no more customer will believe on the capabilities of your company until such time customer service reputation will be cut short.

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