28 December 2009

Customer service: the risk of social media fatigue

customer service social media Social media is still a black and white world, customers like it or they don't. Interestingly a shade of gray has appeared recently with a number of social media converts complaining of fatigue and returning to more traditional ways of communication such as handwriting. If the trend setters are already considering a switch away from social media, customer service executives have to consider very carefully their customer relationship management strategy: heavy investment in the new digital marketing world should be matched with proper stocking up of pens and paper.

Picture courtesy of http://www.wearesnook.com/ with our thanks. Snook is a new initiative that service designers Sarah Drummond and Lauren Currie have launched in Scotland.

1 comment:

  1. "heavy investment in...digital marketing...should be matched with proper stocking up of pens and paper" I take the point but that's a lot of stationery! There is something compelling about receiving a hand written letter - it's more personable. My aim is to delight my customers often and realistically that's only possible using digital tech. But when you want to really pleasantly surprise service users a hand written note is hard to beat.


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