05 September 2009

customer service blog: how to deliver good customer service?

What is customer service?

Welcome to Very Best Service - The customer service blog dedicated exclusively to customer service.

The main objective of this blog is to illustrate customer service concept in pictures with a catch phrase and a short statement justifying the assertion. This blog is supported by a couple of additional resources:

- On verygoodservice.com we look for the very best companies such as hotels, retailers, online shops, travel companies, restaurants.... which are recognised as being the best at what they do and have recently won awards for their products and customer service.

- On our good customer service examples blog we feature real life stories from customers who have enjoyed a great experience from companies listed on our website.

good customer service by verygoodservice.com

Through our collection of customer service post we will also attempt to answer the question "what is customer service?" - To help we will post about the definition of customer service as well as give some customer service tips. We will touch on items such as culture, quality and how to handle customers.

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