07 September 2009

The attributes of good customer service

customer service attributes
What are the attributes of good customer service?

Customer service attributes

We have been looking for a long time for a picture illustrating good customer service attributes and even started to build a list: flexibility, strength, elegance, discretion, respect, attention to detail, changing with the seasons - a tree does it all: it meets our expectations.
The success of a company's customer service strategy will then be heavily dependent on being able to deploy a team of employees whose skills are in adequacy with the attributes required.
Depending on the industry you operate in, many more attributes may be relevant. For example, you need to be aware of the full range of activities of the organisation you work for, you need a full range of personal skills to handle customers and some technical skills to advise them on your products and services. In short, customer service executives need a full range of tools at their disposition to help resolve customer issues and make their experience better.
Please feel free to suggest other attributes to be added to the list by leaving a comment below.
Picture courtesy of www.19sixty3.com with our thanks.

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